Building Waterproffing

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Building Waterproffing

After the hurricane in 2011 the encore board has focused on waterproofing our building. Our goal is to have a completely water sealed building by the winter of 2011. This has been a multi-phased project:

Phase 5 : Repair any cracks in the concrete around the base of the building –  July 2012 A few years ago the building had concrete installed around the base of the building. Overtime the ground has settled and the concrete is no longer flush to the building in all areas. We will be filling all these areas and reestablishing the water seal.

COMPLETE Phase 4 : Install siding on the soffits of the 5th floor Apartments – November 2011 When the patches to the stucco are complete the 5th floor soffits will have siding installed. This is more economical solution to than replacing the stucco. The siding is extremely efficient water barrier and will look very nice.

COMPLETE  Phase 3 : Patch cracks in Stucco – October 2011 Via multiple drops down the sides of the buildings, all cracks in the stucco, around windows and air conditions are being patched by professional water proffers. Once dry the building will be painted with a special coat that also seals the stucco to further prevent water penetration.

COMPLETE Phase 2 : Repair the Roof – August 2011 Over the summer months the encore building performed extensive roof repairs and replacements using a professional roofer. Overall approximately 70% of the fifth floor roof was replaced.

COMPLETE Phase 1 : Investigation – June 2011 The building performed extensive investigation to locate the root causes of any known leaks. The investigation indicated that the roof needed repairs.

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