Potential: Teutonia Buena Vista Project

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The eco-friendly, 25-floor, 412-unit building will feature innovative amenities that incorporate green technologies, community participation and landmark preservation. When complete the project will span from 41 (the trolly building and lobby of Metro 92) to 70 Buena Vista Avenue.

Features include:

  • A rooftop, hydroponic farm run in collaboration with Groundwork Hudson Valley utilizing rain water run-off to be re-used for the garden
  • Electric co-generation plus geothermal heating and cooling with surplus heat re-used for the garden
  • A cutting-edge automated parking system that makes the best use of available space with less environmental impact while also reducing theft and burglary
  • The facade of Teutonia Hall, a noted landmark, will be dismantled and restored and reassembled, during construction.

There are plans to build a reflecting apartment tower of glass design, on Buena Vista Avenue near the Yonkers City Pier and Metro-North Railroad station. The 25-story, 412-unit rental tower would be the centerpiece of an estimated $150 million project on two acres that would transform a city block of homes and vacant or underused industrial parcels while incorporating elements of the street’s 19th-century architectural heritage. Overall, 20 percent of the 412 units would be affordable housing.

Teutonia Hall, a boarded-up, 120-year-old building on the Buena Vista Avenue block, would be moved to make way for the residential tower. The former arts center’s distinctive and largely intact facade would be dismantled brick by brick and reassembled at an entrance to a fully automated parking garage and education center that would flank the tower on the south side.

On the parking garage roof, the developer envisions a 10,000-square-foot hydroponic garden, a larger-scaled version of the hydroponic greenhouse that draws tourists to the nearby Science Barge moored on the Hudson that is operated by Groundwork Hudson Valley.

The project also encompass a 19th-century home across Buena Vista Avenue once owned by the founding family of the Otis Elevator Co. and now controlled by Metro Partners. The Otis home and adjacent homes would be renovated to create eight two-bedroom apartments.

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