House Rules

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House Rules


Welcome to 35 Hudson Street and the Act One Tenants Corporation.

These rules were prepared by the 2007 Board of Directors on behalf of the Shareholders of the Act One Tenants Corporation.

The attached rules and regulations are not intended to infringe upon the rights of the Shareholders. These rules were developed for the comfort and protection of all our neighbors. It is our hope that all shareholders will share our concern for the well being of our neighbors and abide by these rules as set forth herein.

As a Board of Directors representing the needs of a community, we will always remain open to petition for change or waiver based on extenuating circumstances. However we will also always fairly and unilaterally enforce the rules and turn to them as a guideline when relevant disputes arise.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.


Common Charges

    Common Charges are paid by the shareholders to the condominium for maintenance of the common and limited Common Elements. Expenses are listed in the cooperative budget and may be amended from time to time.

Payment of Monthly Maintenance

      In order to pay the common expenses of the condominium, Common Charges are assessed to each unit owner annually. The Board allows them to be paid in equal monthly payments.
      Common Charges are due on the first day of each month. Whether or not you receive a billing statement, a late charge of $25 will be levied against any unit owner whose payment has not been received by the 15th day of each month in which it is due.
      A penalty of (see below) will be added to payments 46 days overdue and for each month thereafter that an account remains overdue.
    The procedures and penalties for the collection of delinquent Common Charges are summarized below:

Days Late Penalty Action

      • 15 None None
      • 16 $25 Penalty Charge A Shareholder who is in default in payment of Common Charges shall not vote at any regular or special meeting of unit owners, including any meeting of members of the Association.
      • 46 $50 Penalty Charge Payment overdue notice sent by regular mail.
      • 60 $100 Penalty Charge Notice to Cure sent by Registered or Certified Mail-Return Receipt. Include copy of By-Laws and
        Shareholders Members Handbook pertaining to Common Charges with letter.
      • 90 $150 Penalty Charge Violation Report Letter sent by Attorney with notification that a lien will be filed in 15 days if account is not brought to date.

The Board shall take appropriate action to collect any assessment of Common Charges due from any Unit Owner which remains unpaid by way of foreclosure on the lien of such unit. Unit Owner will be liable for attorney fees.

Returned Checks

      If a check presented to Patriot Management is returned for any reason, a fee in the amount of $25 is levied. The returned check will not be re-deposited and will be returned upon receipt of a new check. In the case of Common Charges, should the returned check be received after the fifteenth (15th) of the month, late payment fines will be levied in addition to the returned check fee.
    If a second Common Charge check is returned for any reason, no further personal checks will be accepted. Payment must be made by certified check, bank or cashiers check or postal money order. Cash will not be accepted.


      In accordance with the By-Laws, the Board of Directors has the authority to levy fines for violations of the By-Laws and Rules and Regulation. Such fines are levied as additional Common Charges against the unit. No fine may be levied for more than $50.00 for any separate violation, but for each day the situation creating such violation continues after a Unit Owner has been sent notice of such violation, such situation may be considered a separate violation resulting in an additional fine.
    Collection of fines will be enforced against the Unit Owner as if such fines were a Common Charge assessed with respect to and payable by the Unit Owner.

Common Spaces

    1. Public hallways, stairways, fire towers and escapes of the building shall not be obstructed for any purpose other than egress or ingress from the apartments. The Board of Directors will enforce the removal of all alien objects and will not be responsible for damage or loss.
    2. Damage caused to common areas as a result of delivery or disposal of articles, the moving of furniture or renovation is the responsibility of the shareholder in question. Shareholders are responsible for any and all cleanup necessitated by the above procedures.
    3. Until improvements are made to the roof, and our warranty can be protected, shareholders and their guests are NOT allowed on the roof.
    4. Smoking is prohibited in all common areas (elevators, hallways, rooftops, etc.)
    5. No common area may be used for any business venture by any Shareholder unless expressly approved by the BOD in writing.

Interior Spaces

      No Tenant-Shareholder may make any alteration, addition, improvement or repair in or to his/her Unit without the prior written approval of the Board. The Board may impose fees upon such Tenant-Shareholder to reimburse the Cooperative for costs incurred in connection with the review or supervision of such Tenant-Shareholder work.
    Prior to, and as a condition of, the granting of its consent to the making of a structural alteration, addition, improvement or repair in or to a Unit, the Board shall have the right to approve the Tenant-Shareholder’s plans and specifications, the Tenant-Shareholder contractor’s and suppliers and may, at its option, require the Tenant-Shareholder to execute an agreement in form and substance satisfactory to the Board setting forth the terms and conditions under which such alteration, addition, improvement or repair may be made, including, without limitation, the days and hours during which any work may be done.

Satellite Dishes and Television/Radio Antennas

    Illegal satellite dishes and television/radio antennas may not be installed anywhere on the building or Common Element. Violators will be fined and satellite dishes/television/radio antennas will be removed at the responsible shareholders expense.

Holiday Decoration

  1. Shareholders may display certain holiday decorations on doors and the inside of windows provided the following are observed:
    1. Decorations of any kind are prohibited on Common Elements.
    2. Exterior electrical decorations of any kind are prohibited.
    3. Decorations may not be permanently fixed and must be temporary.
    4. Decorations should be appropriate to the season.
  2. All decorations shall meet the following criteria:
    1. Christmas:Decorations cannot be installed before December 10th and must be removed by January 15th.
    2. Hanukkah:Decorations cannot be installed prior to 15 days before the holiday begins and must be removed by seven (7) days after the holiday ends.
    3. Halloween:Decorations cannot go up before the third Saturday in October and must be removed by the second Saturday in November.
    4. Thanksgiving: Decorations cannot go up before the first Saturday in November and must be removed no later than the first Saturday in December.
  3. The Board of Directors shall interpret and enforce the above and shall respond to requests and complaints submitted by any Shareholder.
    1. Decorations found to be in violation of the rule shall be removed within twenty-four hours after receiving proper notice in writing from Patriot Management.
    2. Any damage to the Common Elements caused by violation of the rules shall be repaired at the responsible shareholders expense.
      Failure to comply with Patriot Management decisions regarding violations of these rules may result in fines.


      Nothing can be stored in/on any common hallways at any time. There is raw storage space in the basement and each apartment will have accessible space delineated on the floor of a storage room. Act One Tenant Corp. is not responsible for damage to any item stored in the basement. Storage room keys are available through the super.


        All household soft garbage is to be put down the garbage shoot on each floor or walked to the basement trash cans. NO GLASS, METAL, NEWSPAPERS, CARDBOARD OR PLASTIC RECYCLING CAN BE SENT DOWN THE CHUTE
        Recycling-All recycling must be walked down to the basement
      In accordance with city recycling regulations, glass, metal cans and plastic are to be disposed of in the recyclable bins located in the basement of the building. Newspaper is to be placed in the recycle bin located in the basement of the building. No combustible material can be placed down any chute. All boxes must be broken up and brought down to the recycling bins located in the basement of the building.


        Shareholders are permitted to keep a pet providing the pet does not create a nuisance to other residents. No more than two (2) pets are permitted in a unit. Dogs and cats, while in a common area, must be carried or be on a leash at all times and under the control of the owner. Pets may not be chained to common areas. Pet droppings must be picked up immediately and disposed of properly. Any violation will subject the unit owner to fines and legal action including necessary steps to remove the pet from the cooperative.


    Maintenance, Repairs and other Services

        Each shareholder is responsible for the maintenance of and repairs to all facets of the unit including interior doors, windows, dishwashers, washer/dryer units, microwaves, refrigerators, smoke detectors and air conditioning/heating equipment located within the unit.
        The Act One Tenants Corporation is responsible for painting of exterior doors and trim as well as maintenance of all hallways. This to ensure that uniformity in appearance is maintained. When repairs must be made by the Corporation to an individual unit because of damage caused by negligence or misuse by a shareholder, the cooperative shall make such repairs and charge the responsible shareholder.
        Damages caused to common areas due to delivery to a shareholders unit shall become the responsibility of the receiving shareholder. Corrective work will be performed by the Act One Tenants Corporation and assessed to the responsible shareholder.
        The agents of the Cooperative and any contractor or workman authorized by the BOD may, in the accompaniment of the Superintendent or BOD representative, enter any apartment for the purpose of ascertaining whether measures are necessary or desirable to exterminate any vermin, insect or other pest. Given evidence of need, the BOD may enforce extermination after notice of date and time if given to Shareholder. Recurrent complaints form Shareholders regarding infestation may require extermination for an entire line.
      No expenses can be incurred on the Cooperative’s behalf for any repairs, services, etc. without prior written consent of BOD.


      Shareholders must provide to the BOD proof of homeowners insurance.


      For emergency purposes, it is required that keys to all Shareholders’ apartments be stored with a representative of the BOD. In addition, it would be provident to have on file with the BOD, the name of an additional Shareholder who can gain access to your apartment in an emergency. In any event, it should be understood that damage caused by forced entry to an apartment in an emergency (fire, noxious odors, gas, water leaks, etc.) remains the responsibility of the Shareholder.


      No Shareholder shall make or permit any disturbances in the building which interferes with the rights, comforts, and/or convenience of others. Such disturbances include the playing loudly of televisions, radios and especially stereo equipment; the use of electrical equipment which interferes with or inhibits reception of other Shareholders’ radios and/or TV’s; construction; vacuuming; and disruptive appliances. Quiet hours were established between the hours of 10 PM and 9 AM.

    City Codes

      Each shareholder is responsible for adhering to all city codes with respect to his or her premises. Liabilities for violation of codes by specific Shareholder are the responsibility of that shareholder. When the BOD becomes aware of a violation caused by a Shareholder, it will enforce rectification of that violation.


      No one is permitted in the building for the purposes of soliciting. Shareholders have a responsibility to challenge strangers and call the BOD or the Superintendent if a stranger is suspect.

    Floor Covering

      The floors of each apartment must be covered with rugs or carpeting or equally effective noise-reducing material to the extent of at least eighty (80%) percent of the floor area of each room excepting only kitchens, bathrooms, closets and foyers.

    Notice of Cooperative and Board Policy

      These Rules and Regulations become effective five (5) days after notice has been furnished to each shareholder. This applies to any modifications, or additions to existing Rules and Regulations and/or to new Rules and Regulations. Such notice will be delivered by hand to each individual unit or by first class mail to each shareholder of record.

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