Co-op Documents and Policies

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Co-op Documents and Policies

Below you will find co-op documents such as the sublease application.  If there is a document you need that is not provided below, please let us know by filling out the contact us form.

These documents are PDFs and require adobe acrobat to download. If you don’t have adobe acrobat, you can download it here.

All paperwork must be sent to Patriot Management company, who charges a fee to process the applications, do background checks and compile packets for board interviews. Once the paperwork goes to the management company and then it comes to the board for review.


Sublease Application

If you would like to sublease your unit, please have all potential renters complete the attached form. Please note, our bi-laws only allow for 3 units in the 18 unit building to be leased and no owner can lease for more than 4 years

Unit Owner Documents:

  1. Overall Sub-Lease Policies and Procedures: Click Here
    The above will walk you through the steps of applying for the right to sublease your unit as well as the process for your potential tenants.
  2. Unit Owner SubLease Request From : Click Here
    Due to the limitations of our building bi-laws, only three units may be sub-leased at any one given time. If you are considering renting your unit please complete this application to notify the building board and management team know of your intent.

Potential Tenant Documents:

  1. Potential Sublease Tenant Application Form: Click Here
    Once your sub-lease request has been approved by the board your potential tenants will need to complete the above application as well as meet with the board before they may move in.
  2. Additional tenant documents that must be provided: Click Here
  3. Potential tenants will also need to provide 1099s, ID, proof of employment and other documents before they will be allowed to sublease your unit.

House Rules : The attached rules and regulations are not intended to infringe upon the rights of the Shareholders. These rules were developed for the comfort and protection of all our neighbors. It is our hope that all shareholders will share our concern for the well being of our neighbors and abide by these rules as set forth herein.

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