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The Encore is an intimate co-op building with two bedroom residential units for sale and retail spaces for rent. Located at 35 Hudson Street , Yonkers New York in the heart of the SOYO (Southern Yonkers) Hudson River downtown waterfront.

The Encore’s co-op official name is Act One Tenants Corporation. Completely renovated in 2006, The Encore has 18 residential units and two retail units. Extremely financially sound for a building of our size the encore co-op was started for individuals in the arts.

The Vibe
The Encore is a great place to live! It’s a quite environment because many of the tenants travel for performances, but you can always count on a friendly “hello” in the elevator. Because the building is on the small size, we all take real pride and responsibility for the building and it’s future.

Unlike many New York co-ops, we are low and rules and high on common sense. Each of the units are a tiny bit different and we believe that you should be able to make your home your own. To date no “home improvement” project has been rejected by the board.

The Actors Federal Credit Union underwrote the Yonkers Co-op Project in 2004. The AFCU held a drawing exclusively for its members to determine who will have the opportunity to apply for a mortgage and purchase a co-op at 35 Hudson Street in Yonkers.

Over the years, other tenants have made purchases in the building however, most of Encore residents are still in the theater business.

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